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June 23, 2017

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So how does a nurse, an IT guru and a doctor all come together to start up a brewery in the remote Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland? It starts with what beer starts with: 4 simple ingredients. We wanted somewhere to go and relax. We wanted good beer. We wanted good company. And we wanted it yesterday. Then when we stopped joking about just starting a brewery in the middle of St Anthony, we thought; “This might actually be a pretty good idea”. A pretty big idea, but a pretty good one, too. Craft beer in Newfoundland is starting to blossom, and we have an amazing location. Polar bears, icebergs, Vikings, Grenfell….Why wouldn’t people want to come if they knew there was also good local beer to be had? So we started small. We walked into the beer supply store in St John’s and asked them what we’d need to homebrew beer. And we got a kit. And it was decent. And it was fun. But when we started asking the other brewers in Newfoundland about starting a brewery, they all said “You have to brew from the grains before you even think about going big.” Fortunately, looking into, and finding, financing for a project like renovating the Clock Tower or starting a brewery takes many, many months. So we had time to learn and plan and try. And we have. Currently, we have five different original recipes brewing, all at different stages of readiness. Our brewmasters have done a trip to the other brewers to learn about large scale brewing and how to manage equipment, and have even progressed to the point where we are now milling our own malt. We’ve gone in leaps and bounds since we first giggled at the thought of starting a brewery in town. And we like where it’s going. So…What are we at? We are hard at work, that’s what. Stay tuned for more ‘Whaddyat?’ as we start out leasehold improvements for the new taproom over the next few months.

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