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You're wondering what STARTEN means??  Yup, that's "Start" in Danish...where many of the Vikings originated.

Where did we get the

RagnaRöck name?

For anyone who isn't a Marvel Comic fan, the term 'ragnarök' is probably something new. Ragnarök is the old Norse term for their cyclical apocalypse, the doom of the gods and goddesses, or the 'end of the world'. It is the time in which the gods battle the great giant Surt, the wolf Fenrir, and when Thor battles and kills the serpent Jormungand. Jormungand is the sea serpent (or dragon) who holds the oceans of Midgard (Earth) together. He was one of the children of Loki, who was tossed into the oceans of earth as a child. He grew so large that he eventually encircled the world by biting his own tail. When he releases his tail, the oceans escape and the ragnarök begins.

So we incorporated Jormungand and ragnarök into our brewery for a few reasons. First, we are geographically situated very close to L'Anse aux Meadows, the National Historic site where archaeologists in the 1970s found evidence of the first Viking settlement in North America dated from around the year 1000AD.

Second, the Viking 430 route ends here in St Anthony. In fact, if you wanted to, you could drive off Fishing Point and into the Atlantic Ocean, indicating that you have indeed reached 'the end of the world'.

Third, we spelled our name differently - RagnaRöck. Oftentimes, Newfoundland is referred to as 'The Rock'. Our little play on words not only honours the land we share with the intrepid visitors of the past, but also offers tribute to the geography of our location and the island we occupy.

Come and enjoy your beer in the Brewery at The End of the World!

What is the

RagnaRöck Northern Brewing Company Ltd?

RagnaRöck Northern Brewing Company Ltd is the first 5-barrel craft brewery in St Anthony, Newfoundland. It is a small, privately owned company whose sole purpose is to produce high quality, fresh, original beer with an emphasis on traditional and local themes.  Initially our beer will only be available through our local taproom, located in the West Street Clock Shop, a historical building in the center of the town’s tourism. In the taproom, you can relax with a beer, or a flight of beers, while having a yarn, listening to music, or staring out into the bay. Our merchandise is also available here for the purchase of growlers and retail items such as company logo T-shirts, glasses and pottery.

Although it may seem a little strange to start a brewery so far away from civilization (oh yeah, we’re far!…but we are so worth the trip!), but the craft brewery business in Newfoundland is growing exponentially. In 1995, Storm Brewing started in Mount Pearl. St John’s followed with the well-known Qidi Vidi Brewery in 1996. This brewery stood alone until Yellow Belly, the first and only brewpub in Newfoundland, opened in an 1846 building on Water St. There was a bit of a lag until recently. Port Rexton was the first outside St John’s to open its doors in 2016, and now you can taste their beer in high-end establishments such as the Adelaide Oyster Bar and The Merchant’s Tavern. The Western Newfoundland Brewing Company opened in 2016, producing 5 kegs a day as a nanobrewery, and can be found in Crowlers in the NLC. Split Rock brewery in Twillingate opened in August 2017 and already serves beer on tap at Jack Axes in St John’s, among other establishments. Bootleg Brewing Co in Corner Brook opened to immense success. Now you can also find Landwash Brewery in Mount Pearl, Crooked Feeder in Cormac, Secret Cove Brewing Co in Port au Port, Dildo Brewing Co in Dildo, the Baccalieu Brewing Co, and Bannerman Brewing on Duckworth St, downtown St Johns.  More are coming, too.  The beer horizon is looking beautiful.  Keep an eye out for the craft brewery trail in Newfoundland. It’ll lead you from one end of the island to the other!

Craft beer is a handcrafted product produced on a more limited scale where quality is the most important concern. Fresh quality beer is produced locally, without chemicals in processing or for preservation. These breweries also have the added bonus of bringing you, the beer drinking public, into immediate contact with the equipment and operation associated with beer production. You can witness first hand the creation of the handcrafted beer you are drinking!

Come out to St Anthony and see what we’re brewing. While you’re at it, you can see the whales and the icebergs, learn about the life and work of Dr Wilfred Grenfell at the Grenfell Heritage Properties, dine with the Vikings, wander an archeological site, stay at the Quirpon Lighthouse Inn, or wander some of our spectacular, wild trails. It’s an adventure where the road ends!