House Rules amid Covid Pandemic

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July 7, 2020

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So, ya’ll must have figured out by now that taprooms, lounges, and bars are not functioning how they used to, just a few short months ago.

Until recently, we could meet up at the tap room, hug people we haven’t seen for a long time, hang off each others shoulders at the bar, and roam around freely to chit chat with old friends or acquaintances we haven’t seen in forever. As much as we still want the freedom to be social in that way, we can’t anymore!

And yes, it totally sucks! But so does everything else Covid related.

We are currently operating in a manner similar to a restaurant. You walk in, tell us the table size you need, and you sit with your bubble mates. Just like if you were going out to dinner with your family.

You must remain seated at your own table. The seating is designed to maintain physical distancing for all seating areas, traffic flow for bathroom visits, and for staff to comfortably serve you within these restrictions.

We all have to do our part to respect the current restrictions so that we don’t have to revert to temporary closures, or possibly, permanent closures of our businesses.

So, despite how we feel, we have no choice but to adapt. Right now, we just need to be grateful that we still have the privilege to meet a few of our close peeps in a place that isn’t home or work. In addition to that privilege, you help support your local businesses, so that we too can keep doing what we love!

We welcome you to our cozy taproom to relax and just have some fun! Even with the restrictions, we still have a beautiful atmosphere, excellent staff, and awesome beer.

House Rules

Please understand that our current set up is based on public health restrictions, protection and comfort for you, our staff, and our business. As a guest, we expect you be respectful of the restrictions in place and our staff who are to required to enforce them.

As much as we would love to have you, please do not visit us at this time if you are experiencing any cold/flu/influenza like illnesses or any Covid symptoms. If you have traveled from outside our province recently, you should abide by the public health restrictions in place for our province. Please visit for the most up to date guidelines.

We currently do not serve food. There is an independent food truck business that offers pub grub in the parking lot of the building called Northern Wings. This is not currently open, but we do share posts of those business hours. Stay tuned for updates!

Also, we certainly do not mind if you bring in takeout from another establishment or even if you want to bring your own special dip from home!

**No Reservations required**

We maintain 2-metre (6-foot) physical distancing measures on our premises.

Please stop at the entrance of the taproom and wait for your hostess to greet and seat you!

There is hand sanitizer for you to use upon entering and leaving our taproom and also at your tables.

Frequent cleaning and disinfection measures are in place for commonly touched areas and also for seating areas between each customer use.

If you want to drop in just to get your grunter and growler fills, exchange your glassware, pick up cans (coming soon) or to pick up merchandise, just stop at the entrance and our hostess will further direct you on the process.

There is no bar seating or service for patrons inside at this time. This area is reserved for workflow and physical distancing for staff.

We have 10 seating areas. We can accommodate 38 people maximum, but these are not single seats. Our table sizes vary, and you will be seated according to your group size and availability at the time of walk-ins. When entering you will need to tell us if you are expecting others from your bubbles that may be arriving a little after you.

Keep in mind, we cannot seat you at a table with an empty chair, even if you are just walking in for a quick cold one and you see someone you know. Goes back to the single seating thing!

Maximum table seating size is 6. Our tables and seating are fixed based on public health recommendations, size, and physical distancing from other patrons, floor traffic, and staff.

If you come in with a larger group and have to be split between 2 or more tables you cannot be mingling between tables. This is because movement around the floor space is again designed to physically distance for bathroom visits and staff.

Your server will be responsible for taking your order, delivering your drinks to your table, and clearing your table.

Once you are ready to leave, your server will direct you to the checkout counter. Please be patient when multiple tables are trying to check out around the same time. We MUST maintain physical distancing from others outside your table.

All our communal games and books have been removed for now, but feel free to bring your own.

We do not have a regular house band, but we do have some awesome local performers that have been known to frequent our place on many occasions. Keep an eye out on our page for related posts.

We certainly understand that this may different than perhaps one of your previous visits, but we also know that this new setup is working well.

We’ve had tons of positive feedback, but most importantly, people are telling us that they feel comfortable being able to get out and still really enjoy our taproom and our stellar beer.

Cheers from the RagnaRöck Team.

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