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February 14, 2019

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Oh my goodness, the holidays certainly flew by! What happened to January month? At RagnaRock, we planned to introduce three new beers for the holidays but managed to complete two of the three in time for the holidays. The third wasn’t quite ready to serve, so instead, we served the two new with the Red Rover and the Chummy Jigger Cream ale. We shared these beers with some our friends and eager craft beer lovers.

Craft Holiday Brews

The Bit Smatchy Holiday Special was hopped up to make it a bit smatchier and seemed to go over well with those that tend to like a little hoppier beers, myself included. We also made a full-bodied Porter that still doesn’t have a name. We are looking to our followers to help name that one. Be sure you get in on that on our Facebook page, as you never know what prize you may get if we choose your name. The third beer, that didn’t make it to the keezer, is a Bjorown Ale. This one was inspired by a viking chief. If you are following our Facebook page, you know that there are more brews fermenting! Can’t wait to share them with you all.

Tap Room/PUB

As for the tap room and pub, we are so stoked. The contractors have completed the demolition and have started construction. You did get a little sneak peak of the cooler room but that is it until opening day! Just so you know, we are in the designing phase and can hardly contain our excitement! We cannot wait to debut the finished product to you all!


Last, but not least, we still have merchandise for purchase! Check that out in the boutique on our website. The sweatshirts are great. Well, certainly, all the products are great! I know because I have purchased one of each!

Stay tuned for more updates!

The Brew Crew at RagnaRock Northern Brewing Company Ltd.

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