Behind the Scenes!

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April 15, 2019

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Behind the Scenes!

April has been an exciting month already! All three of us went on a business trip to investigate what is going on in the brewery scene in Newfoundland. What a success! We first visited Crooked Feeder in Cormack, who had some wonderful beer and projects under development. The next stop, Secret Cove, where we learned so much about what to do as a new brewery. After we arrived in St John’s, we were lucky enough to happen upon a launch event of Third Place Tonic’s new Kola (which was delicious, I may add). Fortune favored as we also connected with Julien from Baccalieu Brewery at the event! Time and opportunity aligned and permitted us to meet up with the crew from Adelaide’s Oyster Bar, Chris and Christine at Landwash, and Jacoba at the Biermarket. So many new contacts and connections, including Rocket Bakery, Five Brothers, Basho’s Restaurant, and Home on Water St. We then flew on to Halifax and cannot even tell you all the good that happened there. Tours and tastings that included cheese mongers (yes, Urban Blue!), brewers (Brightwood, you rock!), brewery suppliers (Dave, how do you do it all??) and bloggers (thank you, Chris McDonald for catering to a few newbies in your town). We learned so much in a few days!

We came home exhausted, full of beer and cheese, and so very excited about our new project. And when we got home?…oh yes, progress! The refrigeration unit in the taproom is nearly complete and the walls are fully enclosed. There is steady forward momentum and it’s looking good for the summer. Stay tuned on Facebook,
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