All Natural

All Natural

Malt, hops and yeast combined with the coldest pure Newfoundland water to create a simple, clean beer.

Made in NL

Made in NL

Brewed on the premises at the historic clock tower building in the northern Newfoundland town of St. Anthony. Population: small...

Great Variety

Great Variety

From our four awesome base recipes, we are working on 12-16 varieties to suit any palate, and changeable throughout the year.

Poured Locally

Poured Locally

You can't find us anywhere else...yet. Come and visit the tap room to find your favourite today!




We're pretty simple people who like pretty simple stuff - but we sure aren't above experimenting with new tastes! We work from four basic recipes that we developed over a few years of testing and tasting (that was the fun part!). At the moment we're brewing a red ale, a Belgian wit, a brown ale, and a super popular blonde. From these solid recipes, we vary our hops and malt flavors, aiming for a variety of tastes that will total 12-16 beers on tap at any given time.  We intend to feature local berries and herbs to spice up the selection, including bakeapple and partridgeberry, and use spruce tips instead of hops (oh man that worked well on a small scale batch!). We also feature a guest brew now and again.  Right now you can find Crooked Feeder on tap at RagnaRöck! You'll find something you like when you drop in for a flight...oh, and hurry up.  We're waiting for you.





Red Ale

Rite Lite Red Ale

Brown Ale

Boggy Bottom Brown Ale

Belgian Wit

Bit Smatchy Belgian Wit

Blonde Ale

Da Bold and Beautiful Blonde Ale


Deer Lake Pour Sour


Bunker C Stout


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