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RagnaRöck Northern Brewing Company Ltd is a project, and also a dream, under development.  Here in St. Anthony and the surrounding area, we need a place to chill, hold events, and celebrate living in a great part of Newfoundland.  Our brewery, which we plan to start as a taproom in the Clock Tower building on West St., will benefit the whole region, adding not only to the tourism, but also to our local community.

The overall funding is is going to be supported primary by financed loans. We have already invested a significant amount of our own money into this brewery project, and we have been kindly helped by investors; however, in order to meet the initial financial demands to get the brewery started, we need some help from you. As our guests and customers, perhaps you can help us come up with the rest of our needed start up capital.

We will use the funds to prove that we have the support of this town to start and run a brewery and taproom. Money will go towards the purchase of the brewhouse, the inventory for making beer, and to make the Clock Shop Building a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a locally made, fresh craft beer. We need to show the financiers that we have the start up capital by the end of the summer. By Labour Day, we’d like to have our money ready to move ahead with the project.  You can help!

We're planning to open in June 2019, in time for the Iceberg Festival. It would be amazing to have you support us so that we can open on time. In appreciation, we would like to give you a little something something in return. Depending on your level of donation, there will be rewards, gifts, promotional events, newsletters, and additional swag for you as the brewery succeeds.



  1. $50 - A free beer of your choice at the brewery and a RagnaRöck ball cap.
  2. $100 - RagnaRöck t-shirt, a grunter, and a free beer at the brewery.
  3. $200 - 2 RagnaRöck t-shirts, 2 Glasses, a grunter with refill, and a free beer.
  4. $500 - Your name burned onto one of the bar stools, 2 RagnaRöck t-shirts, 2 Glasses, a grunter with refill, and a free beer a week for a month.
  5. $1000 - A RagnaRöck t-shirt, Glass, Growler, and the opportunity to design, create, and name a beer with our brewmaster that we will sell in the taproom.


If you would like to make one of these generous donations to support the brewery, please email us at and we will discuss options further.  Also, you will be added to the member email list.

VIP membership


If you would like to be a VIP member of RagnaRöck, we are pleased to offer a free full growler of the beer of your choice, email notification of events, 2 free tickets per year to one event of your choice, and a 25% discount on all other events at the brewhouse throughout the year.  You would also have access to private tastings for new beers and recipes.

If you would like to become a VIP member, please email us at